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GloDea considers unique ideas that can be patented !

Patent and legal

When a new idea arrives at GloDea the first step is a review by our legal team. We have to make sure the product can legally be produced and sold. Secondly we check if it is possible to patent the product in the local market and worldwide. 

Product Feasibility

While the legal team is doing their research a team of designers and engineers study the feasibility of the product to make sure that the idea can be materialized into something real.

Market Research

If the project passes the 2 first steps we organize a market research to see if there is need or demand for this product and what is the potential of that project 

Concept Development

Once we know there is a market for the product, the idea has to be developed into something that can be manufactured. In this step the technical drawings are created, prototypes are made and modifications or adjustments are implemented.  This is when the idea is materialized and becomes a real thing.


The funding to take the project forward can come from the designer him/herself, which would increase his/her royalties share; from an outside investor in exchange of future royalties; by GloDea itself or a combination of those options.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing is done with one of our trustworthy partners that we find most suited for that particular project.

We sell to wholesalers and distributors plus to the end consumer directly. The product can be sold directly by the manufacturer or licensed to a third party that will manufacture and sell the product in its market in exchange of royalties.

Distribution Channels


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Meet the Team

Ignacio Santos - GloDea Designer/Founder/CEO


Architectural designer, industrial designer, and strategic manager Ignacio Santos is the founder of GloDea ®, a Jacksonville, Florida, company that empowers independent designers and inventors to bring their creations to fruition. As an architectural designer, industrial designer, and strategic management/marketing consultant for over two decades, Ignacio embraces the power of creativity and innovation. He began his career in Brazil, where he utilized his design and creative talents on multiple high profile projects including museum exhibits and the modernization of retail space for some of the biggest stores in the country. In 2008, he moved to Florida and founded GloDea. Building his distinctive and practical XQuare line of furniture in a friend’s garage, Ignacio established the foundation for a thriving business.  Ignacio has the creative heart of an artisan and the business sense of an entrepreneur. It’s a rare and powerful combination. His background and his travels have given him a valuable cross-cultural approach to design and to the marketplace. From concept to capitalization, from protecting intellectual property to proper placement in the market, Ignacio guides clients every step of the way.   

Dan Miller - GloDea President


Business leader and consultant for over three decades. Dans passion is identifying and marketing new unique innovations.

After serving honorably in the U.S. Army Dan led operations in fortune 200 high technology companies. His engineering and business experience in established and startup companies provided a solid platform for realizing his passion to focus on an entrepreneur career.

Utilizing his global business network, he became a business partner with Ignacio to continue to develop and expand the GloDea product lines and the international presence. 

Dan maintains a high level of networking with a large global reach. He is an active member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce where he was the 2015 Chamber’s Small Business Leader of the Year for the Entrepreneurial Division. Dan interfaces with prominent government officials and international commerce representatives, on the development of new businesses, exporting/importing products and increasing business opportunities for GloDea. 

William Cook - GloDea Technology -CEO


William Cook is an innovator in ethical entrepreneurship.  He has been a consultant for eBay and AutoTrader (among others) in their early years.  In January of 2000 he founded Cook Technology.  Startup projects from their team, regardless of whether or not they were funded, have enjoyed 80 to 120% growth in revenue annually.  Many platforms such as Field Nation, Work Market, Field Solutions, Onforce, and others have ranked them as the top performers in their markets with near perfect performance reviews over thousands of jobs each year.  Cook Tech built the largest and highest rated group of IT providers in their region; employing and training an array of local technicians for enterprise level companies.  They also have data centers, consulting, and other services internationally.  William Cook partnered with Glodea out of a desire to create the best methodology for bringing new and innovative concepts to market, offering his diverse technical expertise and drive for supporting strong business models that are good for the people in them, those they serve, and the environment. 

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